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Be Your Valentine
February 17th
11:30 am - 5:00 pm
Register Here before February 9th

Join EatsAsana and Shimmering Light for an afternoon of Self-Love in Naples! All are welcome!

Arrive at 11:30am, meet new friends and gather around a lunch celebration of savory, seasonal foods that nourish us on every level with Chef Mackenzie Zerniak. Together we eat beyond the plate with seasonal ingredients hand selected from local farms, supporting our region and community members. Inspired by hibernation, we will enjoy ourselves with foods that warm our beings and sustain us during the cold winter months.

With a content belly, make like bear with your guide Deb Denome, lumber outside and hunker down for an introspective communion with the spirits of winter. Forage for rosehips (bear food!) and white pine needles to steep into an immune boosting tea. Return to our cozy nest and immerse in hot foot soaks of wild roses, the flower of Love, Beauty and Resilience. Anoint your heart with Wild Rose Honey and commit to loving yourself first.

Just when you think it can't get any better, let Liz Laneri, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, guide you in a 90-minute restorative yoga session of complete, blissful release, using props, pillows, blankets and the floor. Like a bear after it has eaten a comforting meal, we'll take time to rest and digest. Winter allows us the opportunity to go inward, just as a restorative yoga practice does. This spacious time of restorative shapes gets us comfortable with our indoor selves, initiates a release of anything depleting us, and gives us the chance to rejuvenate.

Self-Love Heaven! Depart for home before dinner feeling absolutely enchanted in your renewed romance with yourself!

Suggested Tuition Donation: $85
Chef Mackenzie Zerniak
Deb Denome, Herbalist and Certified Forest Therapy Guide
Liz Laneri, Certified Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist

Space is limited. Advance registration requested by February 9th.