Your Needs,Your Yoga

All classes are designed to your group's yoga needs and wants. Please inquire with Liz about what you're specifically looking for in a class and how many students you anticipate. Some mats and props will be provided if needed. Options for classes are below; however, we are open to changes.

Beginner & Gentle Yoga
A class for new yoga students. This class is geared towards newer, never been, or former yoga students back on the scene. Liz will break down poses step-by-step, helping you build the foundations of yoga.

All-Levels Yoga Flow
For students ranging from little-to some yoga experience to advanced yogis, this class will have a little of everything. From sweet stretches to backbends and powerful standing poses, there is something for everyone.

Restorative Bodywork Yoga*
A blissful and restful yoga class, this session will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Using props, pillows, blankets, and the floor, Liz will guide you through a yoga sequence designed to invoke muscular tension release and a sense of calm within the mind.

*Extra pillows or blankets from your collection may be required depending on number of students.

Class Time Options
60 min // 75 min // 90 min

Liz Laneri, Certified Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist

When people ask me how often I do yoga, I tell them I think of my yoga practice like meals, I can't skip it. If food is to yoga as yoga is to breath, well then, here we are.

Beyond my love of food, much of my energy is focused on movement and bodywork. As a certified yoga teacher from the Boston Yoga School and licensed massage therapist, I value everything the body has to offer us. It only makes sense to me to combine my love of food with yoga, and sharing it with friends and family.

We hope you will also feel inspired by food, friends and yoga and share it within your space.